Queer camp 29th july – 2nd august 2015

Building on the previous editions of the Queer Camp in Summer 2013 and Winter 2014 (see also here 1   2   3) this year we will keep on conspiring together! The Queer Camp 2015 will take place in Ozzano dell’Emilia from Wednesday the 29th of July to Sunday the 2nd of August. We will be hosted by Villa Torre in the Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi, Via Tolara di Sopra, 99 – loc. Settefonti.
Click on the titles to read the introduction to each discussion.
Wednesday 29 July
h 3 p.m.
Welcome and preparation of the space
h 4 p.m.
Previously on queer camp. The previous work of SomMovimento NazioAnale (especially usefull for those who come for the first time, but also for those who were there from the very beginning) + discussion of the program, practical organization of the camp.
Thursday 30 July
h. 9.30a.m.-1.30 p.m.
Work/non-work, income and “gender labor” (
  • Self-inquiry (auto-inchiesta): Discussion of the first results of the self-inquiry held in different places in Italy and organization of a campaign to futher diffuse the self-inquiry project by Sommovimento NazioAnale Network at a… NatioAnal (or maybe interNatioAnal) level.
  • Activism and academia: Discussion on collective/grassroots knowledge production and its relation to academic knowledge production; specific forms of exploitation and         valorization of the subjectivity of the activist academic worker; strategies of resistance
h 4.30 p.m.-18.30 p.m.
Other intimacies (Altre intimità) – 1st episode

Male-to-male Truble. Discussion group on other intimacies: separatist moment of peer-to-peer discussion and self-survey among gay subjectivities (both male assigned at birth or ftm gay people are welcomed)

(Other info in english on “Altre Intimità” can be found here and here)
friday 31 July
h 9.30 a. m.-1.30 p.m.
Health and welfare from below
  • Experiments of economic and material mutual-support (see for instance here)
h 4.30 p.m.- 6.30 p.m.
  • Other intimacies (Altre intimità). 2nd episode. “Just a one night stand” vs. “It’s True Love”
satuday 1 August – UPDATED
 h 10.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m.
Other Intimacies (Altre intimità)  3rd episode
Quali intimità? (Can’t translate this title but the abstract is coming soon)


h. 15,00 p.m.-18.30 p.m.
Demonstrating against neofascism, catholic-fascists, “sentinelle”, anti-abortion movements & co. Queer anti-fascist stretegies and practices; analysis of the entanglement between sexism- nationalism and racism. Let’s queer up public space!


sunday 2 August
h. 10 – 13 Conclusive Plenary
h. 15 – 18 Cleaning, packing, greetings
Every day
from 9 p.m. 
Workshops on tactical frivolity
  • Drag King/Drag Queen workshop
  • Squirting workshop 

– collage/fanzine workshop

The extended program is coming soon on this blog and on social networks…
Practical info:
Double room and space for camping will be available. There will be a self-managed kitchen––we will cook together! The approximate cost will be 12 euros per day per person; it will be less if you can’t afford it and more if you want to give your contribution and can afford it!
Food will be vegan.
For those who do not speak Italian there will be a “whispered” translation into English (and possibly other languages, depending on the availability)

Something to read before coming

If you need more infos, please write to campeggia[at]anche[dot]no


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